When examining the date mark, you must also compare the hallmark to establish which date mark series the item falls into because the date marks are partly the same. One crown is 1810 onwards, three crowns is 1759-1809. If instead of a crown there is the Oltermanni line hallmark (see the photograph on the Pictures page), you must also take the location mark into consideration.

The current series of date marks began in 1810 with the letter A. Whenever the alphabet was complete (regardless of date series), it would begin again with the addition of a number (e.g. A2, A3). The letters J, Å, Ä and Ö were excluded. Be aware that often the letter and number was made using separate stamps. As such, the number may sometimes appear before the letter.

Be particular careful of the fineness mark '13' (1853-1886) as this can sometimes be confused with the date mark 'I3'.





A = 1737

B = 1738

C = 1739

D = 1740

E = 1741
F = 1742

G = 1743

H = 1744

I = 1745

K = 1746
L = 1747

M = 1748

N = 1749

O = 1750

P = 1751
Q = 1752

R = 1753

S = 1754

T = 1755

U = 1756
V = 1757

X = 1758








Date marks only apply with a matching series of master mark, Oulu location mark and Oltermanni line hallmark.