In 2009 the Leimatoimikunta (Mark Commission) was founded by members of the Finnish precious metal industry with the aim of collecting, in electronic form, Finnish gold- and silversmiths' responsibility marks for the years 1373-1970. The commission members represent different areas of expertise, such as legislation, historical precious metal knowledge and government activities.

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Leimatoimikunta (Mark Commission) members:

  • Esko Hassinen - goldsmith, precious metals expert
  • Tuomas Hyrsky - master goldsmith, marks expert
  • Pia-Mari Jull - master goldsmith, data collection, website design and maintenance
  • Pirjo Säle - senior technical adviser, legislation expert

Leimatoimikunta has been supported in their mark data collecting by the following people:

  • Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm
  • Raimo Fagerström
  • Veikko Ahoniemi
  • Henrik Kihlman

Additional website assistance from:

  • Christian Jull - Webmaster, English translations
  • Nordlund Language Support, English translations