Atelier Torbjörn Tillander

The mark letter at the end a series is intended primarily to identify to maker in cases of jewellery repairs and modifications. As the letter identifies the maker of the jewellery, it thus allows professional pride in the maker's work.


Rauno Tynkkynen
r = Rauno Tynkkynen (2000- )


Valtteri Lonka
v = Valtteri Lonka (2000- )


Janne Salminen
J = Janne Salminen (2000- )


Ari-Pekka Rantanen
a = Ari-Pekka Rantanen (2000-2005)


Olli Soppi
o = Olli Soppi (2000-2010)


Ville Nieminen
x = Ville Nieminen (2000-2006)


E = Janne Ehrukainen (2012- )


Pirkka Sivonenp = Pirkka Sivonen (2016- )


Jan-Erik HeinoH = Jan-Erik Heino (2000-2005)


'stone mark'
The mark is used for objects made with the company's own materials and stones (as opposed to the customers'). As a rule, rings - but also in other objects if space allows.